To the editor:

There are more important things to talk about in this country then rehashing two Years of FBI investigations that went nowhere. Time to move on folks! Wake up and smell the politics!


Why don’t we talk about important things that matter such as making America and California more affordable. The answer is not increasing minimum wage. For starters, $15 times 40 hours equals $600 per week. That was barely enough money in 1970-1990 to survive on,  let alone at today’s cost of living.

Try to live on $2,400 monthly minus taxes (including everything federal and local governments take out of your paycheck).

I always hear the government/media reciting how poorly the population is prepared for retirement and I wonder how they don’t know? They seem to chastise the population and don’t have a grip on the reality of the situation. We have too much government spending and intervention in our lives. And it’s not getting better.

Do you understand how much money the government takes? This takes away your freedom and power to spend your money the way you want to spend it. This prevents you from saving more money. Or making decisions for one person to work at home while the other raises children.

All this and so much more is going on while the country wastes away because the political arena of two parties involves bickering and pointing fingers, with media fueling the flames. They are all in on some agenda.

The problem isn’t capitalism. The problem is too much government intervention and borderline tyranny. Wake up! I don’t care if it’s Democrats or Republicans, they are people, American people, and they have betrayed us!

You want to know what socialism is like? Well take a good look at where we are at today and where we are headed. If you don’t want to lose individual freedom you need to participate and understand what’s going on in this world. But most importantly you have to make an effort to understand who and why you are voting for someone in our own country.

The Fourth of July is a good day for celebrating our freedom, but freedom should be celebrated every day!

Christopher Cross