Measure D on your November ballot deserves your support. This Measure preserves public safety and ensures essential ambulance services (West Side Community Health Care District) within our communities. I have always supported our ambulance service since its beginning; the men and women working for us are dedicated, caring, effective and accessible. And this is the only emergency service that will transport us to hospitals in Modesto, Turlock and other communities.

It is important to understand that this service is not free; parcel owners pay for it, and it is one of the best investments a person can make each year. Can you imagine our community without ambulance services? I served on the Board of Governor’s at Doctor’s Medical Center for more than 15 years, and I worked hard to encourage our ambulance service to take patients to the hospital of choice.

I have watched as family members and friends who needed emergency help get it from West Side Ambulance over the years; the service saved their lives.

West Side Ambulance works hand in hand with our local fire departments in emergencies, and if you want to get to a hospital quickly it is our ambulance medical team that gets us there. 

The ambulance does not discriminate; whether you are a homeowner or not, the ambulance will respond to your needs. Unfortunately, health insurance does not always pay for the cost of the ambulance; this is the reason we need to approve Measure D to offset any costs.

Our communities need this service. Any of us who end up needing emergency service – regardless of age – appreciate your support! Yes, on D!