To the editor:

I am a dairy farmer in Crows Landing and am writing to provide some insight into the upcoming Stanislaus County sheriff’s election.

My wife and I went on a tour of our county’s sheriff facility back in September of last year. To say the least it was eye-opening. We met with our current sheriff, Adam Christianson, and he gave us an overview of some of his duties and responsibilities of the department. He has recently received state funds to help build a fully functioning prison in our county to help offset the lack of current state prison capacity.

It was a truly fascinating experience. He also told us that he would be retiring after this term and was endorsing Jeff Dirkse for his position. I was glad to hear that as I had met Jeff several years prior, when he was with the Rural Crimes Division. I also knew that he came from an agricultural background and that his family had a dairy in Denair.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the first thing about law enforcement, but after doing some research on Dirkse, I can tell you he does. A West Point graduate, Dirkse has served our country as an Army Ranger, among other capacities! Upon coming back home to Stanislaus County, he went to work for the sheriff’s department. That was over 10 years ago. He is currently a lieutenant in charge of Patterson Police Services.

With the combination of education, and mostly importantly experience, I believe Jeff Dirkse is the candidate to lead the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office going forward. Please join me in supporting and voting for Jeff Dirkse to be our next sheriff.

Rich Dyt

Crows Landing