Alex Banks

“Fall,” is a word we hear and automatically think of the season and all the fun that comes with it and the activities that are about to spring from it.

Fall is a season that, by the calendar, started Monday.

For me, fall is defined by turning leaves, great photo opportunities,Starbucks seasonal drinks, and a lot of family and friend time.

When I first got into photography and started to understand it more, it was fall and I really wanted to experiment with it and see what kind of images I could create and capture.

From the fall leaves, to the autumn background, fall pictures can be amazing. This fall I know I’m going to try some new things that I’ve thought of, and will also use some great ideas from my favorite app, Pinterest.

Photos are just one of my favorite things about fall. When it’s fall, Starbucks fans all know that means only another thing and that’s their seasonal coffees. I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on a pumpkin spice latte when they come out. For the for most part I am not a big coffee drinker but the day I had a friend take me to Starbucks while I was in college back in Minnesota and tried this drink, I fell in love with it. I have gotten the specialty coffee every fall....that company can always count on me to come to them in the fall.

Lastly, fall gives me a vibe of family and friends and how much they truly mean to me. Even though appreciating them is an everyday thing, I feel that appreciation is emphasized during this time because fall is just a warm and gentle season. Just looking at what friends and family do for me, and vice versa is a great feeling that just seems to fit the autumn.

Fall is a season that offers its own beauty that most of us appreciate.

It is the perfect time to stop and enjoy the world around us. The world moves pretty quickly, and if you don’t stop once in a while to enjoy the beauty it can rapidly pass you by.

Last Friday was just a regular day for some people but for others it was like an odd national holiday....or a calling of some sort.

Back in June, a 21-year-old man named Matty Roberts created a Facebook event called “ Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” This was purportedly in the search of aliens and any other secrets people thought the government was hiding from us at the top-secret site located in the middle of the desert. This was obviously not meant as a serious proposition, but it took hold across world with over two million people RSVPing to attend the event. Many friends and I joked about going and how cool it would be, but ultimately (and probably wisely) decided we would rather watch from home and look on social media at all the people, should any actually go. The day the event was to take place, probably around a thousand people showed up but never really “stormed in” to search for aliens (again, probably wisely) but just hung out with others who where there with the same extra-terrestrial interests or just to listen to music. So at the end of all this it was just a big festival and huge hangout spot for many.....but doesn’t that demonstrate how quickly social media can spin something out of control?