The current insanity sweeping our nation’s cities started with very valid, justified protests of police brutality and unequal treatment under the law but for far too many (not all, certainly) has quickly morphed into demands for the removal of problematic statues and calls to abolish police departments and national borders.

It has been distilled to a laundry list of grievances and identity politics intent on erasing Western civilization and all who live within it.

It wasn’t really about Christopher Columbus or Confederate statues and slavery, which were only a useful wedge to divide Americans who should know better. Now the focus is on Thomas Jefferson and John Sutter, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The “movement” is also apparently about the first black regiment that served in the Civil War, whose monument was defaced recently in Philadelphia.

This pivotal moment in our history started before this current iteration, before the Charlottesville protests over the statue of General Robert E. Lee, even before calls of erasing Christopher Columbus over 20 years ago.

This has become a long march through every institution that our nation values. It is destruction of foundational norms and placeholders of history, a calculated destruction in order to rebuild the nation in a manner that Marx and Lenin could only dream about.

We have academics from prestigious universities sharing on social media drawings of how to topple an obelisk that looks strikingly like the Washington Monument, pundits encouraging mob violence (until it visits their neighborhoods) and activists using the courts to legislate that which the electorate has already decided.

Only in America can the upper and professional class rise up against regular every day working people and call it a revolution. The irony sometimes burns.

And we’re all along for the ride, even if it seems more like a hijacking.

We are watching an insurrection of the totalitarian variety, led by the generation of participation trophies and “new math” being funded by the generation that almost succeeded in burning cities in 1968. And while President Trump gives both the left and establishment right absolute fits, it isn’t really about him. No. This is about punishing those who had the temerity to stand “against the arc of history” and vote contrary to prevalent “wisdom” from our betters.

The real kicker, those former activists and anarchists - now friendly university professors and card carrying members of the Cathedral - are as big a part of the system they rallied against as their fathers and grandfathers were in the 60s.

They use guilt, duplicity and mobs to silence those who dare not repeat the catchy slogans and acceptable policy positions. They brand Americans as Nazis for daring to disagree with a Marxist takeover of our lives, and smear good people who care enough about our history - and learning both the good and the bad - that they want to protect monuments of men who did great things even knowing those same men will always carry an asterisk after their names.

There is no reconciliation with those who want to erase our history. These are the tactics of banana republics, not a nation that has defended the world from the horrors of Marxism and communism.

And we are by no means seeing the worst of the depths that we can sink to.

The path of this insurrection has been traveled before. France in the late 1700s and Weimar, Germany before the rise of Hitler come to mind as examples.

These revolutions do not happen in a vacuum. There are choices and consequences. There are second and third level decisions that lead to roads no American wants to tread today, but may actually cheer on in short order. And it will not slow down.

We are watching the erasure not only of our history, but God-given rights enshrined in our Constitution.

The First Amendment apparently only counts for the protected class of the journalistic guild, never mind that the anonymous writings of private citizens were the fundamental documents of our nation’s founding. It’s not just the journalists... but they play a large part in pushing hate speech laws and cancel culture directing the mob from victim to victim.

And don’t get me started on the Second any sane person lining up to turn in their guns after the absolute devolution that we have witnessed this past month?

It’s about time for American’s to draw a line in the sand and say no more... nope... no.

Because the mob, by its own definition and rule, will never stop itself.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.