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Gustine resident Jhoneé Fillmore is a mother of two and a professional organizer, graphic designer and event planner who owns Missplaced Organizing (

It is that time of the year when we listen to the holiday spirit within us, put on our game faces and prepare to transform our homes both inside and outside with decorations of all kinds. Decorating can be so much fun for the family but lets also mention that it takes some work.

Game Plan

Make a list of any supplies that you need to purchase or maybe something you need to rearrange or prepare ahead of time.

Prepare The Space

For me, I like to have a clean and tidy space before upheaving the many items from storage. Any items in my house or yard that need to be temporarily removed get placed together. Once my decoration containers are empty, I put these items inside to store for the season.


Labeling is the most crucial part of organizing your holiday decorations. Putting a label on every bin you store your items in is key to finding what you need. You can put a label as simple as “Halloween” or you can get more specific like “Halloween Lights”. Folks, stick a label on it!

Choosing The Right Container

You have options when it comes to storage containers; however, I always encourage an airtight bin to keep the dust and critters out. You can choose to use the same color containers for all of your decorations or you can color code the holidays. For example, Halloween = orange, Thanksgiving = green, Christmas = red. Beyond that, you can choose to go with a clear or colored transparent container so that you can get a visual of what is inside of your labeled bin. Others will choose a solid container, as that is more visually pleasing.

Lists On Containers

Another method to get organized in addition to labeling the containers is the list. The list gets created when items are put away for the season. While you are neatly putting away decorations into a bin, you jot down on a list exactly what is going into the bin. You can put items of the same theme in the same bin or maybe you want all breakables together, etc. The point is that when next season comes, you don’t have to open a container to know what is inside. You can simply look at the list that you have taped to the bin. You will really appreciate the extra minute you took when packing up.

Wreath, Bulb & Wrapping Paper Containers

There are some awesome containers out there for awkward shaped items such as wreaths, wrapping paper, bulbs, etc. These are not only efficient storage means but they really keep your items safe and in good shape.

Rotating Storage

Store your containers for each holiday together. When you are finished with a holiday, scoot the next holidays to easier access and place the just finished holiday toward the back.


No. 1: No more tangled cords!!! When taking down lights, wrap them neatly around a rubber banded newspaper or a paper towel roll.

No. 2: Label the ends of your cords so you know what you are plugging in and which cord goes to what.

No. 3: As you are taking down decorations, make a list of any items that need to be replaced for next season. Then record these items in your planner a couple months in advance of next year’s holiday so you can purchase them before you need them and before they are sold out. You might even be able to find them on sale after the season.

No. 4: Test your lights before taking time to place them exactly how you want them.

No. 5: Never pack up lights or items that don’t work anymore. Save yourself the frustration next year.

No. 6: If you like things exactly where you like them and nobody can convince you otherwise…. consider making a container of items that you are willing to let others help you with. This is a great idea for kids who like to help decorate. Maybe the kids have their own tree and their own decorations that they can decorate exactly as they wish. It’s a win-win.

Put It Back Tidy

Impress yourself the next time you open a holiday bin. Even when you are rushed and wanting to just cram decorations back into a container, try so hard to place them neatly. Neatly includes carefully wrapping breakables, wrapping cords neatly, placing similar items together, removing items no longer wanted or working, etc. Enjoy!

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Be well. Best, Jhoneé