Shampeachment gets going for real this week, with the continued release of testimony and announcement of witnesses for public testimony by Congressman Adam Schiff. Most curiously, the whistle blower didn’t make the list. It’s most obviously an oversight for Democrats, who have repeatedly claimed transparency and fairness in a process that is nakedly partisan.

The president will not apparently have his “day in court” as it were, to face his accuser. Congressman Schiff has decided to craft an impeachable saga on the continuing testimony of bureaucrats and partisan diplomats whose fears and opinions were crafted not by objective facts but by media reports centered on anonymous sources and office gossip.

I don’t know about others, but I wrongly assumed for quite a long time that the “only the best people” running our country were actually chosen from the best people... but after reading through some of the now public testimony I realized that not only do we not hire the best people.....if anything, fair-to-middling might actually be a stretch for many of these folks.

After weeks of Democratic congressmen like Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell leaving the hearing rooms and heading straight to the cameras to declare “devastating testimony,” the actual transcripts paint a much different picture. Instead of devastation for the president, we see more of the professional class deciding what’s best for Americans. We see diplomats, working in concert with military industry and business lobbyists to push a preferred policy direction, contrary to the president’s stated goals and intentions.

And when the president has the temerity to buck “conventional wisdom” and “inter-agency consensus”? Instead of acting with honor and stepping down at the start of the new administration, or resigning because they cannot do the job due to personal beliefs, this little cadre took jobs specifically to be the ones sow chaos.

You know, another level of insurance for the Obama Legacy, the dismantling of which was slated to begin come the inauguration. That Jan. 5 meeting memorialized by Susan Rice on Inauguration Day as she was leaving the West Wing for the last time begins to take on a much more sinister appearance in light of what has been reported.

Congressional Democrats now have gone so far as to threaten Congress members with ethics investigations if they speak the name of the reported whistle blower in the upcoming public hearings, which isn’t actually against the law for elected officials or anyone but the Inspector General.

It seems more likely Democrats aren’t calling the whistle blower in for testimony, or allowing any of the Republican’s requested witnesses, out of necessity to their narrative. Believing the hype, or the sound bites, can do that to you.

And the case for impeachment has always been about the conclusion rather than the substance, especially in the Trump Era. It’s not like there is anything more than political power at stake.

Why should any of us expect anything better at this point from Democrats or Congress? They’ve been living in their own reality for quite some time already.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.