Well that didn’t take long. Just a few weeks into the the 116th Congress, the new progressive wing of the Democratic House introduced the Green New Deal - a spectacular plan to radically transform both our economy and environment, supposedly for the better.

We’ll just need to give the government all the control. Yes, the same government that has had problems keeping the lights on lately should absolutely re-order the American economy through legislation and regulation in the name of climate change. And have it all done in 10 years.

First, let me pause to catch my breath, because I am having a hard time as I try to stop laughing. The proposal is a non-starter. And that is before all the talk of eliminating air travel and cows.

The one thing the federal government cannot do is act on anything in a timely fashion. Well, Congress can spend money faster than a sailor on shore leave. But the action necessary for the bureaucracy to implement the regulatory structure necessary for this newest boondoggle would be akin to President Obama’s infrastructure bill combined with Obamacare implementation, but on steroids.

There isn’t even an argument to make about this plan on the merits and details. It is just the newest way to inject socialism and government control into the United States, this time using the crisis of climate change as a vehicle. This new crisis should not diminish the crisis of student loans, or health insurance or a living minimum wage.

A Green economy, Medicare for all, free college, guaranteed income....all the benefits of  “solving” problems through socialism.

What it really represents is greater government control, just wrapped in promises of something for free.

And who doesn’t like free?

Except is isn’t free. It would come with a very high cost.

The Green New Deal is perfectly timed with the start of Democrats’ presidential run announcements, each with their own special call for for a new way to exert control over our daily lives.

All current Democrat contenders have signaled support of the Green New Deal.

Beyond the political pledges, there is a healthy concern that so many in our society feel entitled to benefit from the labor of others because the left has decided that healthcare, solar panels and a bachelor’s degree are part of the 21st Century Bill of Rights.

Further concern… the progressive and Marxist wings of the Democrat Congress seem to have gone all in, pushing every political issue to the extreme left. It’s not just abortion rights, it’s legalized late-term abortion for maternal “mental health,” infanticide and elimination of forced abortion or murder charges in cases of assault or murder of a pregnant woman. It isn’t just gay rights, it’s children in drag performing sexually explicit dances for adults who toss dollars at them on stage. It isn’t just common sense conservation and stewardship, it is demanding a 70 percent income tax to enrich corporate cronies in government-chosen industries and eliminating cows because of excessive flatulence.

We have a case study happening in South America right now, one where the desperate population has started eating zoo animals because their families are starving, while their “elected” president eats empanadas out of a desk drawer when he thought the camera panned away during live television appearances.

Corrupt leaders pillaged the public purse, turning an oil rich nation into a place where “free healthcare” equals squalid conditions in which patients have to cook their own food in their bathrooms - without the benefit of running water. If basic medicine is available, it must be paid for in advance, and because of extreme shortages medications are priced beyond most people’s reach.

What no one ever talks about is where that socialism and it’s companion, communism, ultimately end. In the 20th Century that path ended in approximately 170 million deaths. Starvation, forced labor, outright murder of enemies of the state. Death and re-education camps. Government propaganda shielding corruption and violence disguised as news. The ending never changes.

But the siren call of the socialistic, Utopian society is too strong for some to actually learn the lesson.

The urges in society to shun personal responsibility and our commitment to our communities must be fought against. We can not allow another leap to the left, to further allow socialist tendencies to take root inside government.

Regular Americans must start being vocal. Our habits of just going to work and living a good life, voting every year or two, cannot continue. It is time to stand up and say “no more.”

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at tbutero@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 862-2222.