Well, it’s been a banner week in the Swamp, and I for one am thoroughly disgusted.

For the last year, politicians on both sides of the aisle have lamented the loss of decorum in the era of President Trump. While seasoned political watchers and students of U.S. politics know that Americans have always had a lively level of discourse among politicians and opponents, to say the least, I have noticed that decorum and calls for a return to “norms of behavior” are meant to be little more than a club to beat the president.

Historically, the back and forth between our nation’s founders was downright dirty at times, and many of our most upstanding men and women saved their best, or in some cases worst, insults to share anonymously in printed form. In fact, literal fistfights were known to break out on the floor of Congress while bills were being debated in early days of our republic. This practice formally ended when a senator was almost killed by a strike to the head with a metal-handled cane by one of his colleagues.

I caught a few parts of the Washington, D.C. funeral services for Senator John McCain, which devolved into a political bashing that became quite distasteful even by Swamp standards.

The disingenuous nature of most of the beltway after Senator McCain’s death was something to behold. Not just reporters, but politicians who 10 short years ago were lambasting the senator, were now tripping over each other to so eloquently laud McCain in front of any camera they could find.

Reporters who gleefully threw “gotcha” questions back in those halcyon days of the 2008 election now berate any who stray from the leftist mob orthodoxy, politician or citizen.

Only in D.C. can our betters link arms to pat each other on the back to eulogize a man whose final act in the Senate was to vote “no” on the very Obamacare repeal that he campaigned on, breaking his promise to his constituents.

Once again, the Maverick was back in The Swamp’s good graces.

As an aside, have you noticed that the only good Republicans are the ones that wholeheartedly agree with Democrats?

Fast forward to Tuesday, and the opening of the hearings for Judge Kavanaugh to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Decorum and decency, so loudly on display throughout the weekend, went completely out the window.

In what can only be described as an orchestrated dog and pony show broadcast from sea to shining sea, Senate Democrats started the meeting with parliamentary procedure they knew was not just completely wrong, but totally out of order. They were speaking over one other in the rush not just to condemn the proceedings but Judge Kavanaugh himself. These denunciations, coupled with sometimes raucous vocal protesting from left wing activists seated inside the chambers, got so bad that the judge’s two young daughters had to be escorted out of the chambers by Capitol Police.

Those behavioral norms were on display for the world to see. What an embarrassment. And, President Trump was no where near Congress.

So, what’s their excuse?

Well, of course, Judge Kavanaugh is bringing about Armageddon. If you can believe the rhetoric coming out of Organizing For America children will die, women will be treated as property and there will be general mayhem. Basically, end times as foretold by our erstwhile leftist senators.

Expect more tantrum style theatrics during the questioning of Judge Kavanaugh. Don’t get me wrong, the judge should be thoroughly questioned. Serious, thoughtful questions about his temperament, and the volumes of written opinions and rulings should never be off-limits, especially by those who disagree with his rulings.

But at the end of the day, what will the yelling, arrests and general nonsense bring?

Probably some decent fund-raising for the DNC and Senate Democrats.

Meanwhile, expect Associate Justice Kavanaugh to be sworn in with a nice ceremony in the Rose Garden in late September.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at tbutero@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 862-2222.