I don’t think there has been a better week than last week for President Trump, and the good vibes have stayed with him after a very successful (and dare I say diplomatic) state visit to England, France and Ireland to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Beyond the pageantry and wonder of the Queen’s state dinner and a beautiful ceremony commemorating the British and American contributions to D-Day, President Trump gave one of his best speeches at the moving ceremony in Normandy. The speech was a moving defense of what is best in America and his America First doctrine.

It was a tribute to the men who survived one of the most decisive battles America ever faced, and a beautiful memorial to the thousands of men who lost their lives fighting against the stain of socialism in our world.

The president’s touching words to D-Day veterans on stage highlighted the absolute bravery of boys who just months before that pivotal moment in our history were swinging bats or working on farms. These boys grew into men who do not want credit for their victories, but who live with guilt as they mourn the brothers, friends and fellow service members who laid down their lives in Normandy.

We owe them a greater debt than we can ever begin to repay. And French President Macron offered his country’s profound thanks to the nation and military his country took a chance on in the days of our founding.

Though time has made these soldiers more frail, their spirit is as strong as the day they crawled onto French soil on the Normandy coast. And their salutes are still sharp.

Most importantly, their good spirits can still be evidenced, if 93-year-old British D-Day veteran Thomas Cuthbert’s playful flirting upon meeting First Lady Melania Trump was any indication.

The president’s casual exchanges with royalty and hero alike exemplify what Trump voters saw in him when he first came down the Trump Tower escalator and stepped into the history books. Someone who genuinely cares about the values of America, and her people.

While American media took the opportunity to score cheap political points against the administration (looking at you, journalists making hay over the first lady’s sunglasses), and doubled down on detracting from the President’s trip, the British press was demonstrably more measured and even-handed in reporting the details of the visit.

Instead of covering speeches and special looks inside the trip, our media viewers and readers were treated to back room gossip from leftist politicians of Speaker of the House Pelosi calling for the president to go to prison, which was widely broadcast at the top of every hour and giggling over the pre-estimated crowd of protesters clamoring in opposition to the uncultured menace to society. Unfortunately for many outlets, the protests never fully materialized and those who fell for activist group press releases were once again dismissed as fake news.

Like clockwork, the same reporters who giggled at Pelosi’s clip were outraged that the president would hit back at the speaker, branding her Nervous Nancy, during a one-on-one sit down with Laura Ingram on Fox. At issue of course is not only what he said, but additionally that the president would demean the speaker in the midst of the cemetery in Normandy. Never mind the fact that she uttered the words while the president was meeting with other leaders on an incredibly large world stage.

Not to be hypocritical, and as someone who giggled every time Trump’s rally crowds started with the familiar refrains of “Lock Her Up!”, my biggest qualm about what Speaker Pelosi said was the fact that she is not willing to back up her words. If the president belongs in prison… why is Watergate’s own John Dean testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee, and not Robert Mueller? Either start the impeachment inquiry, or get to work passing laws that will help Americans.

Maybe, just maybe Congress can find some time… since they shelved their $4,500 per member Congressional pay raise bill Monday.

On several occasions during Trump’s European trip I flipped from national coverage to the BBC live feed, as they offered more of what was happening on the ground as it occurred, instead of analyst descriptions colored by personal bias. I was struck at how surprised and pleased they were at the president’s decorum, and his high praise for the relationship between Great Britain and the United States.

I would imagine, taking their cues from the D.C. media hucksters, they expected Tump to start a “Build the Wall” chant after he finished giving his toast to the Queen or something along those lines.

Trump has many heroes whose stock rose because of actions taken during World War II, chief among them Winston Churchill and General George Patton.

Ironically, both men were reviled for their private behavior and penchant for saying things that were not always popular opinions. Like Trump, they did what they thought was right for the good of their country and for the cause of freedom.

And like them, Trump will never be celebrated by the men of his time.

For Trump, his base and hopeful re-election will have to be enough…. and maybe that new agreement with Mexico, too.

Last week also brought the release of Customs & Border Patrol ’s May southern migration report. The numbers portend why President Trump decided to negotiate with Mexico instead of the Democratic Party, who’s members are still trying to insist that we do not have an actual crisis at the border.

Customs and Border Patrol apprehended 132,887 people illegally entering the United States in May, an increase of 33,583 migrants over April apprehensions. In one month, apprehensions increased almost 34 percent.

May’s stats, and their change from April are:

• Unaccompanied Children: 11,507 (up 2,607)

• Family Units: 84,542 (up 25,818)

• Single Adults: 36,838 (up 5,158)

The breakdown of those apprehended is more than troubling in showing growing trends. The bulk of increase in apprehensions is almost all in family units, which Border Patrol classifies as  “either a child under 18 years old, parent or legal guardian apprehended with a family member.”

Thankfully, Trump’s tariff threat was taken seriously as evidenced by how rapidly the Mexican government’s delegation traveled to Washington, D.C,. to negotiate with the Trump Administration. Several days of negotiations followed, and an agreement was reached that included Mexico sending 6,000 troops to its southern border to stop further caravans, and to house asylum seekers waiting for their hearing.

While Americans would not be happy to pay 25 percent more for a BMW assembled in Mexico, I don’t think they’d mind a negligible increase in South American avocados… buy Californian instead! Tariff threats aren’t always the end of the world as many on television would have you believe. The cost of continuing a de facto policy of a wide open southern border is much higher to our economy both long term and in the near future.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at tbutero@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 862-2222.