Well, I was sort of wrong two weeks ago. Democrats may have found the one way to postpone the vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. In what I can only describe as a last-minute political hit job, Senator Dianne Feinstein released a letter, outside of Senate procedure, accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault while still a minor.

And the story is, well, just specific enough to warrant ruffled feathers along both sides of the political aisle. Of course, fair-weather Republicans such as Jeff Flake and Bob Corker immediately called for postponing the hearing before the allegations were even clear. The shenanigans surrounding this letter, and the publication of it, are beyond the pale.

Senator Feinstein did not once, during the six weeks (SIX WEEKS!) that she had this information, ask the judge privately about this matter. Not in private meetings in her office, not in the closed door hearings, nor in the multitude of written questions submitted by the senators on the Judiciary Committee that the judge answered. And when I say a multitude, Judge Kavanaugh was given 1,278 questions from the committee’s 10 Democrats - and nine from the Republicans (eight from Senator Grassley and one from Senator Flake).

According to a story in TIME Magazine and Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley the number of questions totaled greater than all the submitted questions from all previous Supreme Court nominees. What makes this even more laughable is that most of the committee’s Democrats are already on the record saying they will be voting no.

I am not going to question the veracity of claims against Judge Kavanaugh. The FBI had a look at the letter, and included the research they could in Kavanaugh’s background file that is available to senators. He was investigated for high clearance government positions on six different occasions. Amazing that not one whiff of this type of behavior was found in any of those background checks.

I am not sure how one would specifically judge the merits of a claim that has no specific date, location or identities of those who allegedly participated. Also, hiring a democratic activist attorney and scrubbing all of your social media accounts lends me to believe that there may be some issues to this backstory.

But there is a bigger issue hiding behind the arguing of these accusations.

Are we as a society comfortable with last-minute and decades-old accusations, with little to no detail that can be confirmed, and alleged participants who have said it never happened, being able to ruin a man’s reputation and career? Because I am not.

See, I wake up every day and look into the face of my son who one day will be a grown man with a life and family all his own. In that grown-up life he might deal with females, and I would like for him to have the opportunity to defend himself if these types of claims against him were ever made. Could you look at your son and tell him his word is worth less than his accuser’s?

Allowing the mob to decide guilt or innocence, or run someone out of town based on one person’s claim? Sorry, not going to be okay in my book. Women are every bit as capable of lying as are men.

And allowing Democrats to steamroll this process, while blaming Republicans for obstructing the truth, as Senator Feinstein suggested Tuesday morning?

Well, that would be how we got President Trump.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at tbutero@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 862-2222.