So the Office of the Special Council released its final report to the Department of Justice Friday, and while it will take some time for most of the report to be revealed to the public the four page summary released Sunday by Attorney General Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein gives us a clear picture of Robert Mueller’s conclusions as to whether President Trump, or his campaign, colluded with the Russian government to beat Hillary Clinton.

The answer… a resounding nyet.

For anyone paying attention over the last two years, this news is not surprising. What may come as a surprise is what will come next.

Shock and awe, or fire and fury if you prefer, will be next on the agenda if Congressman Devin Nunes and Senator Lindsay Graham have anything to say about it.

And as an aside, for those who would like to hold on to Mueller not exonerating the president on the charges of obstruction, I have yet to meet a prosecutor who exonerates anyone at anytime. Common sense also tells you that if there was no collusion, how could there possibly be obstruction to protect said non-collusion?

Back to the fire and fury… because that is always where the “there” was in the Russian Collusion scandal all along, and what the Mueller Investigation was always providing cover for. Congressman Nunes has fully faced the onslaught of every sling and arrow that Establishment Washington could throw at him and refused to back down.

He stood alone in front of the microphones and told us exactly what happened. How it was orchestrated, even if the congressman was not at liberty to tell us who exactly orchestrated.

What was the it? Well, here’s what I said over a year ago… “The abuses of personal and civil liberties by national law enforcement, on a duly elected president no less, should have everyone’s head spinning - regardless of who that person is. The fact that directors and deputies of the FBI and Department of Justice thought nothing of lying to courts, hiding evidence continually and repeatedly from Congressional oversight and playing spy games with a complicit and willing media to ultimately impeach the new president moves this beyond a constitutional crisis. Maybe a criminal court could help get to the bottom of it all.” 

Well, now is the chance for the Congressman to feel some sense of personal vindication. He has stated repeatedly that there will be criminal referrals from the House Intelligence Committee investigation he chaired. It is time for those referrals to be made and the DOJ to take action.

If there is any chance for America to think that there is equality under the eyes of the law and end corruption within our government, an investigation into how this whole plot overtook our national sensibilities without any pushback or questioning from the national media, must happen.

And it all must be public.

We cannot let one branch of government cover for another. We cannot let former government officials, who most likely illegally surveilled American citizens, unmasked identities and used our intelligence agencies not just for political purposes but against their actual political enemies, stand without a response. We cannot let presidential political aspirations and disinformation campaigns meant to cover up malfeasance stand over the rule of law.

We have a president with the backbone to see it through. He has shown the patience to wait it out.

We have at least one congressman who stood up to his own party, even after fighting baseless ethics charges brought to sully his reputation and sideline his efforts to bring light to what could only be considered a political coup.

I am hoping Senator Graham will continue to press the DOJ and the FBI, and where warranted will file charges.

What the Hillary Clinton campaign unleashed, all while President Obama blithely ignored or tacitly encouraged irregular intelligence collection by political hires and appointees, has not only divided this country, but sought to undermine the legitimacy of the 2016 election and our election systems.

Russian social media trolls and hackers matter little compared to that.

It is time for actual justice and law and order, not political backbiting and insurance policies. It is time for those who with a wink “assumed there was more there” to be called to account. These political actors have lied to the American public for two years, repeatedly and vociferously. And were paid by cable networks to do so.

Now, I want to know if they did more than just lie.

So while the politicians say they want to move on, doing so without any repercussions will not fix what is broken in our political culture.

The effort to take out a duly-elected president not only failed, it may well have only made him stronger.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.