I have to start this column with a little serving of crow on my plate. Last week I wrote that the federal government shutdown would “cost the economy over $11 billion dollars and will probably have rippling effects on GDP and other economic markers.” Of course, the very next day jobs numbers came out, with much larger than expected gains in the market.

I should really know better by now than to bet against President Trump. And, in regard to the economy, I need to listen more to Larry Kudlow and less to those who pretend to know better, but are wrong every single time.

Not to say that shutdowns are optimum, but the gains that the Trump economy continue to make are impressive, and quite welcome after years of recession and stagnation.

Who knew that the magic wand President Obama so condescending joked about President Trump waving was really just meaningful tax cuts for Main Street business owners and a massive rollback of regulations on business. Paired with an independent energy plan that included an “all-of-the-above” approach has also helped jump start our economy.

Quarterly GDP and other economic markers won’t be posted for another month. But I wouldn’t bet against this president.

These are the kinds of things I like being wrong about, by the way.

More thoughts:

There are some weeks that I really dislike following politics, and after the last week I took a few days away from social media to detox.

Starting with New York’s newly-signed abortion bill that essentially legalized infanticide, to the sitting governor of Virginia (a pediatric neurosurgeon) endorsing the practice in an interview the following day, to photos of said Virginia governor allegedly dressed in a racially insensitive manner during his med school days;  to allegations of sexual assault against the lieutenant governor… well, what can I even say.

No wonder half the population cannot even be bothered to vote, let alone pay attention to what is happening on a regular basis in our “civic” life. I could make an argument that what is going on in the halls of power is nothing short of decadence and corruption equal to the worst excesses of the Roman Empire.

Not sure how many of you remember reading about how that turned out, but let’s just say I am not horribly optimistic about the current trajectory.

We have a Congress that is all about a “Green New Deal”  that will produce higher taxes and more bureaucrats while doing absolutely nothing to help the environment. The ever-tilting stance towards socialism, whether of the European variety or along Marxist lines, has costs which society needs to honestly and thoroughly examine.

The Senate is more concerned with Middle East security than our own and is telling the president where he can and can not remove troops.

It is getting close to the point that I am looking around for the guy playing the fiddle, because Congress is resembling a dumpster fire.

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