We made it! After three days, countless pit stops and only one day’s worth of “Are we there yet?” our family rolled in to Martin, Tennessee, and after a few hours of sleep began unpacking - oh the unpacking!

Now, we weren’t really a road trip kind of family growing up. We were all really excited to travel through so much of the southern United States as we recently moved from the West Side to Tennessee - even though side trips and sight-seeing weren’t really on the itinerary.

By far, the vistas in New Mexico - the mesas and pueblos - were the most beautiful part of the trip down Interstate 40. Breathtaking views in every direction. And the colors! Photos do not do it justice, or give you the true scale of the topography. I was awed for most of the drive through.

So much of the I-40 corridor offered vistas of wide open skies and beautiful scenery. America really is amazing. And every state was so different. From the red rocks of Arizona to the biggest skies I have ever seen in eastern Oklahoma, there was always something to see.

But the best sight of them all was pulling into the driveway of our new house!

Even now, four weeks later, it’s still not quite real and I have moments when I think I need to pinch myself. Then I look around at the growing list of things to fix and do… yep, it’s real all right!

The plus side of being away from televisions for over two weeks was an ignorance of daily events that was part bliss. The old adage is true. Living in our own little bubble as we cleaned house and set up the kids rooms, stopping only to register for school and beginning to acclimate to a new way of life, was kind of nice.

Three weeks in, the kids like school and after finally hooking up cable and internet I feel like I am just getting caught up on the latest tribulations from the swamp.

From the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings to the re-negotiations of NAFTA, late summer and early fall look to be quite eventful in D.C.

The ever-present Russian collusion probe, headed by Robert Mueller, continues firing on all cylinders - finding evidence of regular old bank and IRS fraud from lifelong D.C. dwellers. The president’s lawyer, who apparently wrote up more than one contract for Trump, didn’t dot his I’s and pleaded to violating campaign donation limits.

I personally find all of this distasteful. Not just the actions of those who have been charged....the actions of the bureaucracy are just as distasteful. The cover-up of crimes by those at the highest levers of power and the willful ignorance towards evidence that is both ignored and glossed over in federal investigations is not just un-American, but how societies ultimately fall.

I am not surprised that someone like President Trump had an attorney like Michael Cohen. I didn’t vote for regular order when I voted for him. In fact, the vote was for regular disorder.

The status quo has only gotten us exploding national debt and a culture that rewards all the wrong things!

I’ll start caring about distasteful conservatives when distasteful Democrats and establishment Republicans starts befalling the same fate.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at tbutero@mattosnews.com or by calling (209) 862-2222.