The current political scandal of the day is, by far, one of the most shameful displays of partisan politics to ever come out of the fetid swamp waters of Washington, D.C. The United States Census is, by every metric, a necessity in ensuring equal representation of Americans in the House of Representatives. It was so important that the founders included it as part of the responsibilities of the president in Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

The question posed is that of whether non-citizens have the right to representation in Congress equally to citizens of the United States?

Many on the left are attacking Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina after his claim that the Census question was asked until 10 years ago. And with a few exceptions, he is right. Past censuses did not ask those born in the United States if they were citizens, because the answer is an obvious “yes.” But, depending on whether you answered the long form or short form, would you get followup questions. If you say you were born outside of the United States, the next question asks if you are a citizen, or legal resident.

Only in Washington D.C. would you expect a group of “leaders” to muck up a pretty straightforward process, that could be handled on a single sheet of paper and filled out in 15 minutes or less.

The long form Census and American Community Surveys track demographics of surveyed residents and extrapolate the information across the population. The ACS are usually done every few years, and help shape public policy and government proposals. They track income and education plus pages and pages of questions for millions of residents to answer.

Only in today’s world of constantly shifting language and emotionally charged propaganda would a plain reading of the text not signify that legal citizens were to be counted.

This does not denigrate the inherent worth of people. It simply means that the United States government represents American citizens, not foreign nationals who are residing in our interior.

The left would like to pretend that we are only citizens of the world, erasing the uniqueness of America’s culture and all that it represents. There should by no boundaries drawn by man, as they are just a product of colonization and white privilege.

The far left would be perfectly happy erasing all of America, good and bad, to further their idea of equality through socialism and communism. Of course the equality of bread lines and food shortages doesn’t seem that appealing, unless your benchmark is misery for those outside of the power structure.

Today’s politics center around President Trump, and every new outrage is singularly directed at him, no matter past practices or norms.

Border detention facilities are now concentration camps, according to the Democratic party, and the Border Patrol no better than Hitler’s personal police. No mention of how our government was so ill prepared to handle the mass of humanity arriving at our southern border in caravans, as was the case five years ago when Obama also put children in cages. Many on the left were amazingly silent then.

What, pray tell, is Border Patrol supposed to do when over 600,000 people are apprehended trying to illegally enter the country through our border in under eight months? While it is horribly tragic that children are separated from parents, the practice would not be necessary if people weren’t renting children to gain easier entry into the country or trafficking children across the border for who knows what fate.

The issue at play is for the Census is the number of seats in the House of Representatives. If current trends hold, and there is no distinguishing of citizenship among Census respondents, the Democrats can pick up close to 10 seats in solid blue districts. If illegals aren’t counted, the current House makeup could actually be reduced in those same districts.

As with everything in politics, big dollars are involved on all sides of the equation.

Not really being discussed much, is the question of what benefits American citizens. It is absolutely a bridge too far to ask those type of questions. And no, questioning how our government does our business is not a racist plot against Central and South Americans.

While we enjoy the amazing benefits of our constitutional protections, there are legitimate questions about granting the same benefits to anyone who finds their way across the border without following the current laws regulating entry and citizenship. Americans in foreign nations do not get magical constitutional protections on foreign soil, why is the standard different for our nation?

We are a country of limited resources and tremendous debt. And a populace that is apathetic at best most of the time.

Assimilation, once the standard to unify our nation of immigrants, has been bypassed for multi-culturalism and intersectional power. Identity to a group, race or political system is now more important than being an American. It is not shocking to find that only 22 percent of Democrats are proud to be American. And it’s no shock that the policies that are coming from the Democrats are designed to tear our country apart even further.

Our government cannot effectively handle the roll-out of a website without procurement orders and a congressional vote. Progressive cities and states, surviving only through the miracle of shady accounting, push the narrative and national conversation ever further leftward.

It is not enough to allow a migrant invasion larger than D-Day at our border with unencumbered entry, but we must also offer free healthcare, college and government benefits. California Democrats are poised to vote on a bill (that will pass easily and be signed by Governor Newsom) that allows non-citizens to serve within the Democrat Party at state and county levels.

At this rate, California will be leading the charge for allowing non-citizens to vote in state and national elections within the next few years. Think it is an exaggeration? More than a few cities already allow for this in local elections in California.

Here is a novel idea. Get in line. Follow the rules. Do it legally. Becoming a citizen of the United States is not automatic, it requires determination and patience. It is not too much for American citizens to require a framework for becoming a citizen, as does every other country in the world.

Erasing the bonds of citizenship from our nation will have far reaching consequences beyond the power play Democrats are envisioning.

The idea of citizenship does more than just provide a measure of the legal population of our country. It gives every one of us a shared set of rules and principles that guide our society and provides the social cohesion essential to hold us back from anarchy.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.