The burning of cities and statues across America serves more of a purpose than just removing an ever-growing list of problematic public art. Those acts are meant to psychologically demoralize anybody not adhering to the new progressive fantasy world the left envisions for America.

The reality, though, usually ends up looking more like the CHAZ in Seattle rather than a green utopia that is envisioned and sold to historically illiterate anarchists. In all seriousness, the goal of the anarchists - and those managing and funding this American insurrection - is to break our ties to history.

There can be no truth outside of that which is currently demanded. Those demands will eventually be expanded to the next symbol... until there are no more symbols to anything but themselves.

There can be no ownership of the good in history, no nuance to anything outside of the power the left endeavors to wield.

But the ongoing insurrection has actually hindered the left from working toward sweeping legislative changes at a time when we have a president keen to make deals and a GOP Congress which is usually fine at going along, albeit at a more sedate pace.

Unfortunately, political resolutions are limited in cities where registration runs 92% Democrat.

The burning of American cities should be seen as nothing less than the threat it is. There is no mistaking the tactics, which are reminiscent of a spoiled teenager and coupled with lashing out to create fear and loathing for those who have thus far refused to acquiesce.

Giving in to a violent mob only emboldens those perpetrating violence.

And the path is so very short from toppling statues to toppling people.

Just ask anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their vehicle when the mob comes running around the corner.

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