Beyond fences surrounding buildings and the National Guard presence in Washington, D.C., you would think that an impending flotilla was going to be breaching the Potomac River. There seems to be an amassing of military power and might that hasn’t been seen in our nation’s capital city since the last time secession was more than a whispered idea.

Multiple points of irony are present, the first of which is the security fencing....since all I heard for the last four years was that fences and walls don’t work.

This explanation hasn’t stopped my husband from being obsessively bothered to check and lock our doors each night. Leftist logic and bumper sticker slogans haven’t swayed him to leave the nightly ritual undone.

Underlying the hypocrisy of turning the national capitol into a militarily occupied zone while staging the same military as a show of might against the outgoing president and his supporters was quite the feat for the Establishment.

Using that same military to protect the elected class  after denouncing that same use of military force with cries of fascism as American cities burned this summer takes a level of hubris unprecedented on that “sacred ground.”

Next was the announcement that those National Guard members “protecting” Washington, D.C., were under investigation by the FBI to “screen out” those who might be aligned with President Trump or “Pro Constitutional” groups. Two have been removed, and it’s likely just the beginning.

The coming purity tests, in which people will be made to denounce The Deplorables and their orange leader, will be such fun when they include mundane things like opening a bank account or getting a new business license at City Hall.

No, these political purity tests won’t be limited to military or federal government if that isn’t bad enough.

Or illegal, for that matter, last time I checked.

Not that that seems to matter much anymore.

Imagine the might of the American military that stormed the shore of Normandy reduced to pronoun patrol, and think about how far we’ve actually fallen in 75 years.

It has already spread throughout corporate culture, in which every boundary or taboo is pushed in an ever leftward the point that many national brand commercials and ads promote cultural propaganda as societal good and pushing products becomes a secondary concern.

The professional class is already calling for these purity tests as part of membership in groups like state bar associations, in which membership determines your ability to practice your chosen profession.

It is a wink and a nudge to “tolerance” that is increasingly lockstep and intolerant.

And now the Democrats are adding teeth to that power, all the while decrying Trump as an authoritarian.

I would offer congratulations to the mob who, after gaining their pound of flesh, are gonna shove it down the throats of their fellow Americans.

But I’m sure there will be plenty of time for the bitter regrets later.

Guess what! The flag waving is no longer racist or a call to violence!

That welcome news came Tuesday as I was working on this column and saw some of the preparations under way for the Wednesday inauguration of Joe Biden.

No surprise that I’m not so enthused for the incoming administration... seeing the flags was nice, though.

I’m assuming no longer is the American flag a placeholder for privilege, national oppression and white supremacy, as it has been incorrectly portrayed by some, but a symbol of healing and unity under the wise benevolence of our new, dear leader.

Funny thing about that unity,’s only for those who agree.

Otherwise, the line forms at left for deprogramming the fascist cult and an outright call for re-education of wrong think.

I’m going to pass.....thanks but no thanks.

Like President Trump, I think I will be too busy to attend the celebration, even via television...the guest bath needs a bit more attention before I can call it complete, and I only have a few more months before family hopefully descends for Sam’s eighth-grade graduation.

But checking in on social media before I started writing my column my feed was filled with  videos and photos of the majestic fields of flags set up to represent Biden voters for his “Virtual Inauguration.”

Not surprising, since most of the campaign was virtual as well. I have low expectations for anything beyond a virtual administration....that will act overwhelmingly vindictively and arm-in-arm with a bi-partisan Congress to challenge even the most inherent of American rights.

Mitch McConnell made clear in his floor speech Tuesday when he blamed President Trump and others telling big lies for provoking the “insurrection” at the Capitol.

Speaker McConnell betrayed the president.....let me break out my shocked face. Anyone who thought the GOP Senate was on the side of President Trump was not paying attention.

The Establishment has circled its wagons against President Trump since he rode his golden escalator to announce his run for the nation’s highest office.

The agenda of the Senate for the last four years was that of Speaker McConnell’s and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Bills endorsed by President Trump were as dead on arrival as those from AOC, not to mention the priorities of those who voted for him.

We won’t need to worry so much about the new normal....the old one was bad enough.

Thought this past election wasn’t enough of a debacle?

Wait until the whole thing is digital!

Make yourself familiar with the Democrats’ plans for doubling down on the COVID rules and regulations surrounding registering and voting, the “For The People Act of 2021,” one of Democrats’ first priorities in the new Congress.

Provisions in the bill include making all registration online, including initial registration with zero proof or confirmation documents and address changes, automatic voter registration and provisions to electronically transmit election information to registered voters.

That will, of course, make all the issues surrounding our elections so much clearer. Nothing at all to worry about.

You thought same-day voter registration was a problem in the handful of states that allowed it in the last go-round? No possible shenanigans there, right? Should be fine when it’s nationwide - and codified as superseding federal law.

Have you spent the last few months worried about dirty voter rolls filled with fake addresses and dead voters? That’s too bad, because this bill makes it illegal to do interstate cross checks or to remove anyone from the data bases via cross-checks within six months of an election.

In every direction you turn, the left has a plan to crack down on dissenting society. And the last bastion of your voice in government, your ballot, will be the first attack of many meant to demoralize and distance those on the right from the rest of polite society.

Just ask those guys in the National Guard.

Staff columnist Toni Butero can be reached at or by calling (209) 862-2222.