Alex Banks

For the past few month we can truly ask ourselves is this even real life right now in our country and world?

We’ve experienced a pandemic, the arrival of so-called murder hornets, economic crisis, and most recently riots across the country following the murder of a black man in Minneapolis.

The world isn’t normal any more.

When COVID-19 first hit I wasn’t thinking too much of it because it wasn’t near my town at all and I was expecting it to subside within two weeks or so and life would get back to normal. But life had other plans and soon this virus took the world by storm, shutting down entertainment, malls, public gathering places, schools, events, sports and more.

The virus has had a huge impact on the economy and it is sad to see a world like this. I have talked to people who are truly scared and not even wanting to leave their house yet. I truly understand it on both sides because you have people wanting to play it safe and wait it out until the virus is all cleared up and they can truly feel safe and have their normal life back; then you have the people who don’t want to live in this fear any longer and just want to get back to their lives. People are suffering from being out of work for so long, and it has an impact on their personal lives; they can potentially lose their houses, cars and any other possession if they cannot keep up on payments.

In my 20s, I am always trying to understand things like this and educate myself on a matter that has taken life by storm.

Another crisis surfaced last week in the state where I went to college.

It hit me hard to see the video of a black man named George Floyd, who was being detained by multiple cops and died after one officer had a knee on his neck for several minutes as Floyd pleaded for his life, saying he could not breath.

Watching everything that has unfolded since is truly crazy. In talking to friends and educating myself on everything involved, at moments it is still hard to grasp not only the the killing but the concept on both sides of how things are being handled. As a young man of color I was outraged that something like this happens again and again and nothing gets done. I have seen peaceful protests happen all across America that have been disrupted by police violence, and I don’t get it. Those people are not doing anything wrong but standing up for a cause that needs to be heard and seen by millions around the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are the other protests that have turned into riots. There is so much going on that we truly don’t know what is going down or the full truth because most things get twisted by higher media. Only half of videos are shown, which begins to shift the minds and opinions of the people.

Friends from Minnesota have educated me about these happenings. I just think we all need to be better educated on so much more happening.

I do not in any way agree with violent protests, riots and the burning of properties all across America. But I do believe protest needs to happen for voices to be heard. People are angry with continuing tragedies that happen over and over. Justice just never seems to come.

We need to open our minds more, learn from others and try to understand.

Our world has become darker and darker. I believe light needs to be shed on a broken world. I know this world we live in won’t be fixed today or even tomorrow but I do hope to see the day when peace comes and we find ourselves on a common ground.