At Mattos Newspapers, our commitment to quality is present in each step of the production of your publication, from prepress to delivery. As a full-service commercial printer, we are prepared to handle any job with our variety of printing equipment.


It all starts with the high-speed transfer of your files to our servers. We strive to ensure that your publication is delivered to us camera-ready, in a secure, hassle-free manner. To minimize the possibility of errors, all files must be sent to us in press-ready PDF format. Your job is then proofed and sent to our digital platesetter.


We provide inserting, labeling and mailing services. Other services available include trimming, stapling and bindery.


We deliver throughout the Central Valley and outside areas at additional cost. Please call us at (209) 862-2222 for further information.

Sheetfed Printing

For the past three decades, Mattos Newspapers has provided an array of printing services to thousands of customers throughout the Central Valley. Our print shop specializes in business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, door hangars, invoice paper, checks, custom stamps, posters, flyers, forms and more. We're equipped to handle any print job at any time, and we ensure superior quality at extremely competitive prices.

Web Printing

Our Goss Community Web offset press enables us to print a variety of formats and color layouts.
We offer two paper sizes: 27.5" and 24" web rolls.
Broadsheet, 27.5 inch: Image size: 13" wide x 21.5" tall
Broadsheet, 24 inch: Image size 11" wide x 21.5" tall
Tabloid, 27.5 inch: Image size 10.125" wide x 13" tall
Tabloid, 24 inch: Image size 10.125" wide x 11" tall
Paper size is slightly larger than usable image size.