A new coach but familiar figure is at the helm for the varsity basketball Reds this season.

Head coach Kingsley Borba, whose coaching tenure in various sports and grade levels spans 15 years (including 12 in basketball) steps into a new role as he leads the Reds into a new campaign. 

Borba wrapped up try-outs for the team last Wednesday as the Reds roster was finalized.

A number of new players will comprise the varsity Reds, as only three seniors are on the team and the remainder are a mix of juniors and sophomores.

“We are a fairly young team this year, and that’s okay,” said Borba. “We just have to learn how deal with the inexperience and learn how to win with this group.”

As he now transitions from try-outs to practices Borba wants to focus primarily on the fundamentals, and basics of the sport while keeping his team disciplined and building chemistry. 

“Again, with us being young we have to find that team chemistry since this group has not played with each other that much,” Borba told Mattos Newspapers.

Borba mentioned that his philosophy emphasizes defense first and instills a relentless work ethic.

The Reds broke a 19-year boys basketball playoff drought last season.

Borba hopes to use that accomplishment as a stepping stone to continued success this season.

“It’s a thing all coaches want, for their team to make playoffs,” said Borba.

The Reds will work extensively on conditioning as a regular element of their practices.

“I really feel that is going to help us because I want to see my team push through tough situations when the fourth quarter arrives,” Borba commented. “That is usually when teams start to get tired when they don’t have fresh players to substitute in.” 

Borba commented that he is still looking for team leaders to emerge from the group. That would typically be a senior, Borba said, but he does not rule out seeing underclassmen step to the forefront as well.

As the Reds prepare for that first game down the road they are working to develop as a team and set a foundation to push toward their goals this season.

“At the end of the day when coaching it’s just a game to me,” said Borba. “What I want my players to get out of every day are morals and life lessons, along with hard work and teamwork.”