Top honors in the initial edition of the 2019 Mattos Newspapers Football Contest went to Chandra Garza, who correctly picked the outcome of 22 of the 25 games on the contest form.

The contest this year is shifting to a digital format which calculates point scores for each player as well as charting wins and losses. A bonus question being added this week is good for an extra 100 points for those with the correct answers.

Garza’s first-week point total stood atop the field at 2,280. She will collect $25 for her first-place finish. Gary Crawford had 21 correct picks and 2,187 points to edge Marcus Vierra (21 picks, 2,178 points) for second place. Crawford will collect $15 for finishing second, while Vierra earns $10.

Ten other participants had 20 correct picks. They included Charlie Kothenbeutel (2,095 points), Christopher Perry (2,091), Ken Lazano (2,088), Alvin Amaral (2,075) and Babe Silva, Jim Tacheira, Richard Machado, Bret Rumbeck, Aaron Lewis and Cynthia Vierra (2,000 points each).