Orestimba outdistanced the field at the Southern League track finals Friday in Atwater to win the women’s team championship by a wide margin.

The Warriors were second in the men’s team competition with a strong showing, finishing behind only Waterford but well ahead of the remainder of the field.

Twenty Orestimba athletes qualified for this week’s Division V section meet by virtue of placing in the top three at the league finals.

Kaitlyn Gray led the West Side contingent by winning league championships in four women’s events, the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and long jump.

Other section qualifiers from Orestimba (with asterisks denoting league champion) included Tyler Vargas, 100 meters*, 4x100 relay*, long jump and triple jump; Isaiah Mar, 200 meters, 400 meters, 4x100 relay*; Jessica Villarreal, 100 meters, 4x100 relay*; Alizaya Mendez, 100 meters, 200 meters, 4x100 relay*; Reagan Marroquin, 200 meters, 4x100 relay*, 4x400 relay*; Joshua Hurlock, 800 meters*, 1600 meters, 3200 meters, 300-meter hurdles; Timothy Junkin, 110-meter hurdles; Jacob Dominguez, 4x100 relay*; Jayden Vargas, 4x100 relay*; Riley Marroquin, 400 meters, 4x400 relay*, 4x100 relay*; Madeline Tree, 800 meters, 1600 meters, 3200 meters; Lia Tristan, 800 meters, 4x400*; Alyssa Trovao, 300-meter hurdles*, 4x400 relay*, 100-meter hurdles; Parker Sharpe, 300-meter hurdles; Maciel Martinez, shot put; Solomon Bell, high jump*, long jump, triple jump; Lanai Torres, shot put; Gaby Jasso, discus*; and Adriana Rocha, high jump.

Following are complete Orestimba results

Varsity women

The Lady Warriors collected 188 points on the afternoon, finishing well ahead of second-place Denair (101).

100 meters: Kaitlyn Gray, first, 13.13; Jessica Villarreal, second, 13.74; Alizaya Mendez, third, 14.08; Citlali Lopez, ninth, 14.76; Adriana Rocha, 15th, 15.44; Ashanti Tatum, 17th, 15.61; Stephanie Castaneda, 18th, 15.69; Evangelina Carrillo, 35th, 19.58

200 meters: Gray, first, 27.69; Reagan Marroquin, second, 28.45; Mendez, third, 28.89; Villarreal, fourth, 29.26; Mya Guel, 11th, 32.21; Rocha, 12th, 32.92; Castaneda, 15th, 33.99; Tatum, 18th, 34.71

400 meters: Gray, first, 66.22; Riley Marroquin, third, 68.56; Alyssa Trovao, eighth, 70.16; Parker Sharpe, 11th, 73.05; Destiny Tetoff, 13th, 75.66

800 meters: Madeline Tree, second, 2:59.85; Lia Tristan, third, 3:06.13; Bella Sousa, fifth 3:10.51; Tetoff, seventh, 3:15.05; Briana Rodriguez, eighth, 3:16.81; Naydelin Soto, ninth, 3:17.93; Amy Bowers, 11th, 3:23.30

1600 meters: Tree, second, 6:12.38; Sousa, seventh, 7:12.21; Bowers, eighth, 7:15.13; Soto, ninth, 7:15.46; Rodriguez, 10th, 7:38.56

3200 meters: Tree, second, 13:58.13; Bowers, fifth, 16:37.19

100-meter hurdles: Trovao, second, 18.57

300-meter hurdles: Trovao, first, 54.00; Sharpe, second, 57.15

4x100 relay: Villarreal, Riley Marroquin, Mendez, Reagan Marroquin, first, 54.44

4x400 relay: Troavo, Riley Marroquin, Tristan, Reagan Marroquin, first, 4:46.31

Shot put: Lanai Torres, second 29-05; Gaby Jasso, sixth, 26-03.5; Natalie Palazuelos, 19th, 18-07

Discus: Jasso, first, 94-10

High jump: Rocha, second, 4-04; Villarreal, third, 4-04

Long jump: Gray, first, 15-08.5

Varsity men

Orestimba collected 141 points on the day, trailing only league champion Waterford (159). The Warriors finished well ahead of third-place Denair (97).

100 meters: Tylver Vargas, first, 11.41; Isaiah Mar, fourth, 11.81; Jayden Vargas, sixth, 11.94; Shawn Pizarro, ninth, 12.16; Omar Mendoza, 17th, 12.51; Dawsen Hernandez, 27th, 13.47

200 meters: Mar, second, 23.20; Jacob Dominguez, fourth, 24.49; C.J. Kinimaka, ninth, 24.82; Pizarro, 11th, 25.10; Hernandez, 23rd, 26.88

400 meters: Mar, second, 53.31; Kinimaka, eighth, 58.09; Joshua Lucas, 11th, 59.66; Connor Reeves, 12th, 60.54

800 meters: Joshua Hurlock, first, 2:07.26; Jeo-Nathen Chavez, 11th, 2:25.70; Lucas, 12th, 2:26.43; Alonso Alvarado, 15th, 2:44.41

1600 meters: Hurlock, second, 4:57.42; Chavez, 10th, 5:30.24; Alan Huante, 11th, 5:52.65; Alvarado, 14th, 6:20.78; Alejandro Gonzalez, 15th, 6:20.80

3200 meters: Hurlock, second, 11:10.00; Chavez, seventh, 12:21.08; Huante, eighth, 12:23.60

110-meter hurdles: Timothy Junkin, second, 19.12; J.D. Horton, fifth, 20.20; Reeves, ninth, 20.83

300-meter hurdles: Hurlock, third, 46.58; Junkin, fifth, 49.45; Reeves, eighth, 51.10

4x100: Dominguez, Jayden Vargas, Mar, Tyler Vargas, first, 45.25

4x400 relay: Kinimaka, Pizarro, Lucas, Bell, fifth, 3:52.10

Shot put: Maciel Martinez, third, 41-06; Hernandez, 11th, 32-02.5

Discus: Martinez, sixth, 103-01

High jump: Bell, first, 5-08; Dominguez, fourth, 5-02; Junkin, eighth, 4:10

Long jump: Tyler Vargas, second, 20-09.5; Bell, third, 19-04; Jayden Vargas, fifth, 18-01; Dominguez, 11th, 17-01; Pizarro, 12th, 16-08.5

Triple jump: Bell, second; 44-02.5; Tyler Vargas, third, 39-07; Jayden Vargas, ninth, 35-09.75

Junior varsity men

Shot put: Pablo Gonzalez, eighth, 25-10

Discus: Gonzalez, third, 79-07