Aaron Souza

Aaron Souza

Aaron Souza became Orestimba High School’s winningest head coach with the Warriors’ victory over Gustine Friday.

Souza, in his ninth season at his alma mater, has accumulated a 61-37 record at the helm of the Warrior program.

He eclipses the record of the late Roger Pauletto, who had a 60-47-3 record at Orestimba.

“Coming back to Orestimba to coach was a dream of mine at a young age,” said Souza, a 2002 Orestimba graduate. “Football has always been a passion of mine, and has given me opportunities that I didn’t think I would have.”

As a coach, Souza reflected, he tries to instill “a sense of pride in being a Warrior, playing as a family, playing for the guys who played here years ago.”

He is most proud, Souza added, of being part of the resurgence of school spirit throughout the district and the community.

“That sense of pride has really heightened in the last 10 years. It has been great to see this all come together.....it is not (the work of) one person. There are a lot of people who have put this together,” he told Mattos Newspapers.

Talented players, a dedicated and consistent coaching staff, supportive administrators and a community which has rallied behind the program have all been elements of Orestimba’s success, Souza stressed.

While more remains to be done, he concluded, “this is what I had a vision that it would come to. It has been an honor and a privilege to be back here coaching at my alma mater.”