Orestimba and Gustine runners competed in the Subsection meet on Saturday in Frogtown. Two top runners from Orestimba and Gustine have advanced to the section finals in Folsom that will be held on Nov. 13. For Orestimba, Alberto Esquivez qualified and Alondra Meza qualified for Gustine.The runners will compete for a chance to advance to the state finals. 

The following are the results for the recent meet.

Varsity boys
(3 mile Division 4)

Alberto Esquivez(OHS), 26th, 17:39.0, Ramiro Beltran-Pelyao(OHS), 201, 28:21.6

Varsity girls
(3 miles Division 4)

Taylor Gray(OHS), 57th, 23:35.5, Shakty Artea(OHS), 67th, 24:05.0, Margret Oliveira(OHS), 81st, 24:43.6, Reagan Marroquin(OHS), 87th, 25:24.9, Lizbeth Aguilar(OHS), 134th, 28:51.1, Amy Bowers(OHS), 141st, 32:14.3, Hannah Starr(OHS), 144th, 34:54.6 

Varsity Girls
(3 Mile Division 5)

Alondra Meza (GHS) 15th, 23:02.6