As the falls sports season starts, athletes on the Orestimba’s cross country team have been running for joy as they got word of having a full scheduled season.

Cross country coach Scott Felber said he is very happy to have the kids back out there running and representing OHS. And he knows that it will take some work to build the team back up, but he said he has some amazing hard workers who will give it their best.

With a few returners this year such as juniors Alberto Equivez and Taylor Gray and sophomores Maddy Oliveira and Shakty Artea, Felber believes these four can help elevate the team and push the others to preform at a high level. He also added they they did lose a lot of people when COVID hit, but they are hoping to get some back this year.

“I really feel like those four athletes can be the prime examples to lead this team,” Felber said. “Also it was a struggle to get runners this year because I wasn’t able to reach out to the eighth-graders at Yolo Middle School like I would in normal years.”

As they begin to train for their second meet of the season on Friday Felber has been putting his team through various drills such as running three plus miles, working on hills, doing some work on the track, proper form of running and pacing during races.

“For the team I want to have them prepared as much as possible each meet that we are entering in this year,” Felber said. “Ways we prepare is not staying only at the OHS track. Some days you might see us running to different parts of town and doing ab workouts at various places.” 

Felber also wants to focus on getting back into cross country shape. He explained that some kids were really good about working out on their own when they weren’t allowed to work together over the last year and a half, but many of them struggled.

“Overall another big focus is going to get these kids to try and get back to normal after how last year went,” he said.

Felber had some goals for his runners this year. 

“I just want each of our runners to get better everyday and maximize their potential,” he said. “If they do that, I think we can challenge for the league title. ‘m also hoping that a few of our runners may be able to advance to the Sections Finals in November.”