The life of a student-athlete can be a challenging when it come to handling your school work, practices, watching game film, as well as studying for exams. Keeping all these priorities organized comes like a superpower at times to balance out both lives these student-athletes have chosen.

For incoming Orestimba senior Joslyn Sotelo, who is a three sport athlete, school has been involved with softball, basketball,and volleyball and she has figured out the perfect way to balance her AP classes with her very busy sport schedules.

Sotelo is the daughter of Jaime and Jennifer Sotelo. She has been involved with softball since her T-ball years; playing basketball since third grade and volleyball since the sixth grade and has numerous hours of training under her belt for each sport. 

For her, picking up a ball came from the push of her parents and allowing her to find the sports that suited her best. She also had some inspiration along the way to chose these sports.

“Growing up my mom played softball and basketball so I feel like just hearing the stories and her involvement with the sports made me want to play,” said Sotelo. “As for my dad he’s coached me and has made me fall in love with the sports to keep playing, as well as my family pushing me and wanting to keep myself active and in shape.”

For being an athlete at OHS she put extensive hours of work during her off season, especially during the summer when her schedule can be quite hectic with training for three sports at a time.

“My summer usually starts with myself bright and early in the morning with volleyball practices and conditioning. then i’ll transfer over to basketball where we’ll also practice and do summer games,” noted Sotelo. “From there i’ll be in for traveling softball with games and practices. I like the schedule a lot because it keeps me busy and I have a schedule to follow, while not being cooped up in the house all the time.”

While this superb athlete is putting in countless hours on the court and field she is also putting twice the effort into her studies to keep herself eligible to play and to also unlock so many doors come her graduation time.

With being involved with three advanced placement classes along with the rest of her classes, Sotelo shared that it all begins with time management and what to truly prioritize before she head out to sports.

“Being a student-athlete, all starts with being a student first and really organizing your time to balance the two lives I have,” shared Sotelo. “I take that extra I have before or even after practices or games to get my studies done because ultimately my education is what matters to me at the end of the day.”  

For the amount of years she has been with her sporting career Sotelo has learned some lessons that she will cherish forever. She mentioned that she’s learned about teamwork and how crucial it is to have that. While also not being the most vocal person on the team, all three sports have really made her develop leadership skills, such as being that role model person for the underclassmen players, and also that person for when someone needs some advice either for the field, court or life.

With her senior seasons just around the corner, she looks forward to the experiences with all her teammates, the bus rides, practices and just making core memories before she departs from Orestimba High. As for her senior year goals she hopes to have the ability to play in college, getting better everyday, and just improve as much as possible from last year.

As she looks forward to her college years she hopes to continue playing softball at the next level at her dream school of California Polytechnic State University, where she wants to major in Mechanical Engineering.

Before she plays her last games at OHS she would like to leave some words of wisdom for any young athlete out there that wants to be as active in the classroom and court/field. 

“Always be coachable, and open to advice from your coaches, and at the end of the day put in the work and allow yourself to get better because you are the one that controls what happens for yourself.”