ohs volleyball

Gabi Swisher dives for the ball, alongside #3 Taylor Gray. The OHS squad remains undefeated.

The varsity Warriors are still undefeated after besting opponents Delhi and Mariposa last week. 


The Warriors match against Mariposa had proven to be a quick victory as all three sets were a sweep with the scores of 25-7, 25-6, and 25-15. 


The offensive plays allowed for Janessa Marquez and Olivia Gray to each score seven kills and for Sky Felber to score five kills throughout the game. These scores were assisted by Felber, who had 13 assists and Gabi Swisher, who had 12.


The defensive plays of the sets allowed for Joslyn Sotelo to make one block and for Jackie Lujan to complete 13 digs, and Gabi Swisher, Joslyn Sotelo and Felber to each complete five digs.


A total of eight aces were scored that were evenly distributed between Janessa Marquez and  Felber. 


For the game against Delhi, Gray made 10 kills, Ryan Marroquin made nine kills and Janessa Marquez made seven kills. Assisting throughout those attacking plays was Felber, who dominated in assisting with 23 assists. 


Marquez who had the only block of the night while Jackie Lujan had 10 digs.


There were also a total nine aces, with Janessa Marquez having five Felber landing four.


The team had been working on passing the most throughout preseason, as it is the area that Coach Carlee Felber had wanted to put an emphasis on in order to prepare her team for playoffs.


“I think we’re doing pretty good, to be honest, better than I expected. Usually during the preseason I schedule games against better schools and harder teams to better prepare us for playoffs and usually we lose most of those games but this year we actually won quite a bit of them,” Felber said.