Stock Show

Master Showmanship participants are pictured from left to right: Alfred Nunes, Austin Etheridge, Blake Vaz, Grant Hazan, Kaitlin Dores, 2023 FFA Sweetheart Mikayla Silveira, Ryan Barcellos, Luke Ventura, Natalie Ventura, Olivia Rocha and Lilly Pires.

The 95th Gustine FFA Stock Show is much more than a small show for Gustine’s 4-H and FFA members. This annual tradition holds a very special place in the hearts of all community members. The stock show provides a way for students to have a mockup show where they can practice their show skills before the May Day Spring Fair. The Gustine FFA Officer Team and Ag Teachers work hard to assemble this show to make it successful and enjoyable for all who attend. This year members exhibited in classes where they showed market hogs, goats, lambs, replacement dairy heifers, and breeding beef cattle. They also get the opportunity to participate in showmanship, where the winner of each species moves onto master showmanship. While our show was going on, we also had a plant sale in our nearly renovated greenhouse that allowed our students to sell what they had taken care of. 

Each species at the stock show is filled with quality livestock with students who work diligently to be successful. We kicked off this event with the dairy show, Lilly Pires had Champion Dairy Heifer and Reserve was Darian Nunes. Soon after, we simultaneously had the hog and beef show. Our 2023 Champion Beef Heifer winner was Kaitlin Dores, and the Reserve was Jonah Souza. ln hogs the winner was Ayden Pacheco and Reserve was Emilia Galindo. The day ended with the goat and sheep show. The Champion Market Goat was Avery Etheridge and Reserve Kylee Lopes. Austin Bell bad a Champion Market Lamb and Carson Bell had a Reserve. 

In each species the Showmanship winner in both 4-H and FFA moved onto Master Showmanship. The winners of 4-H showmanship were Lilly Pires in dairy, Luke Ventura in beef, Natalie Ventura in pigs, Ryan Barcellos in goats, and Olivia Rocha in sheep. The winners of FFA showmanship were Alfred Nunes in dairy, Kaitlin Dores in beef, Blake Vaz in pigs, Austin Etheridge in goats, and Grant Hazan in sheep.

Now, the truly anticipated event of the day is the Round Robbin Showmanship Contest to compete in Master Showmanship. One must show mastery in showing all species to earn this accolade. 4-H Master Showmanship results were as followed 1st Ryan Barcellos, 2nd Natalie Ventura, 3rd Olivia Rocha, 4th Lilly Pires, and 5th Luke Ventura. FFA Master Showmanship results 1st Kaitlin Dores, 2nd Grant Hazan, 3rd Alfred Nunes, 4th Austin Etheridge, and 5th Blake Vaz. Congratulations to all!

Finally, this event could not have been possible without the community members who help work the rings, announce results, and sponsor awards. Without the support from everyone in the community we would not be able to have put on our amazing small town stock show for the 95th year. All of these things allow us to continue supporting this event that instills passion and pride in our FFA and 4-H programs.

Congratulations to all members who came out to the 95th Gustine FFA Stock Show! We are so proud of how well everyone did and can’t wait for the Los Banos Fair.