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The newest fad surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 panic and anxiety by the chattering class is a push for “vaccine passports” to ease our way back to normal life. A life filled with indoor concerts and festivals, dinner at the newest urban hotspots and jetting off to exotic locales will be no …

If the recent diplomatic meeting between China and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is any indication of what to expect over the next four years, well, its gonna be....problematic.

Mother Nature is looking to be busy over the next couple months here in my corner of Tennessee. And while back home everyone is preparing for another summer of water shortages and drought, we’ve had a different sort of water problem around here lately.

My morning coffee was enjoyed with a decidedly different view last weekend, as I found myself enjoying my first bits of caffeine overlooking the hills, massive oaks and acres of vines of Central California’s wine region. That was quite a change from the still bare trees that greeted my view …

Rising prices, canceled pipelines and more taxes....welcome back to normal, back into the shadows for the middle and working class where the squeeze of big government, big business and big lobbyists rule more and more of our lives.

Snow has descended on the South, and snow banks that would be more familiar in northern climates have taken up residence on my patio... along with a flock of Grackles that normally reside in the trees between the field and my backyard.

Congress’s second quest to finally bring down their great orange nemesis opened this week after a deal was reached by Senators Schumer and McConnell on the framework and rules of the Senate impeachment hearing against President Trump.

Beyond fences surrounding buildings and the National Guard presence in Washington, D.C., you would think that an impending flotilla was going to be breaching the Potomac River. There seems to be an amassing of military power and might that hasn’t been seen in our nation’s capital city since …

Gustine resident Jhoneé Fillmore is a mother of two and a professional organizer, graphic designer and event planner who owns Missplaced Organizing (www.thedavenportcompany.com/missplaced).

Just a few days now into 2021, I can officially say it is a new year but the same things that have been revolving around us continue to fill our conversations. Day by day, we seek and have been finding solutions to problems in the world.  


How many thoughts would you say are floating around inside of your head at any given moment of the day? Do you ever feel overwhelmed that so many thoughts of such varying nature are just spinning around your brain? Help to create some peace inside your precious mind and enjoy your days to th…

The news surrounding the presidential election is all over the map. Crazy lawsuits, hundreds of affidavits and grifters aplenty; conspiracy theories and rabbit holes of propaganda abound. And that’s before we even get into the media thumb on the scale of information dissemination.